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Scientists Say the Cause of Cancer Is Bad Luck but Are They Right? – Viral Global News

A new study has prompted some scientists to claim that the main cause of cancer in a majority of cases is not due to genetics or environmental factors, but simply a stroke of bad luck. Are they right? The findings have stirred up quite a bit of controversy in the medical community, as some experts are lashing out at the results. The Independent reports that medical professionals have raised questions about the study findings.

The research was performed at John Hopkins University, and the results were surprising. The researchers found that about 65 percent of all cancers in adults result from random mutations and not from factors such as genetics, lifestyle, weight, eating habits or smoking.

These random mutations could perhaps be compared to losing a lot of money at a slot machine, getting a bad roll of the dice, or having some sort of unavoidable accident happen through no fault of one’s own, claim researchers. Many media outlets have reported that the findings suggest there is no way to predict to whom the bad luck will occur or to know how to prevent it from happening.

This would seem to fly in the face of everything the public has been taught about how to avoid cancer. It has been drilled into the psyche of the American people to drink moderately, maintain a healthy weight, quit smoking, eat a balanced diet, ingest the proper amount of vitamins and minerals every day, and exercise, along with a host of additional suggestions, to reduce one’s risk of getting cancer. So, does the news that the main cause of cancer is bad luck mean that we should all rush out and gain weight, take up smoking and begin eating fast food every day?

Probably not. First of all, according to some scientists, all the factors mentioned above can increase the odds of the bad luck occurring, so there has been no change to current health recommendations. Secondly, some cancers which are deadlier than others are more heavily influenced by genetics, and several are directly caused by lifestyle choices, such as lung cancer from smoking, for example.

Many in the medical field agree that cancer is caused by a “combination” of factors, and not just strictly bad luck. Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine scientist Bert Vogelstein explains that people still need to follow health advice that can assist in preventing cancer. “All cancers are caused by a combination of bad luck, the environment and heredity,” he says.

Medical statistician Adam Jacobs took an even stronger stance in attempting to discredit the study. The research does not, in fact, show that cancer is due to bad luck, he says. He claims the study “applies only to explaining the variation in cancer risk from one tissue to another. It tells us nothing about how much of the risk within a given tissue is due to modifiable factors.” He went on to write that the media has been “irresponsible” in its reporting on the results because the study has been misinterpreted.

It seems that while bad luck may indeed contribute to cancer in some cases, the main cause of the disease may be represented by a more blended list of factors. As always, it is important to follow the advice of your personal physician when determining how to stay healthy, and most experts would suggest that no one throw caution to the wind over the results of one study. The best course of action, experts say, is to stick with established health recommendations to maximize the chances of avoiding cancer and all other diseases.

Scientists Say the Cause of Cancer Is Bad Luck but Are They Right? – Viral Global News

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