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Economic Collapse 2014 – US & World

Economic Collapse 2014 – US & World ; Start Preparing Now! Explanation, details, analysis and PROOF! economy collapse, crisis, 2014 economy prediction, outlo…

25 Comments for “Economic Collapse 2014 – US & World”

  1. Carl Wolf

    These morons predicted this in 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004…

  2. James Chase

    This guy, Max Keiser and also anything related to Newsmax is half truthes
    and outright fraud in order to part you and your money. Gold is down and
    should sink from here save for the Muslim Wars. Once we clear that up gold
    will drop like a rock so sell it, not buy it. I switched to Black Gold
    Exxon-Mobil and Conoco-Phillips stock. There no collapse coming not even
    another recession. The UK is back to pre 2008 levels and the US just got
    it’s preliminary second quarter GDP numbers, The US is good, not fine, not
    perfect but we are coming back. In from to Office of statists.
    Change in gross domestic product (GDP) is the main indicator of economic
    growth. GDP increased by 0.8% in Q2 2014, the second consecutive quarter on
    quarter increase of 0.8%.
    Output increased in two of the four main industrial groupings within the
    economy in Q2 2014 compared with Q1 2014. In order of their contribution,
    output increased by 1.0% in services and by 0.4% in production. However,
    output decreased by 0.5% in construction and by 0.2% in agriculture.
    In Q2 2014 GDP was estimated to be 0.2% above the peak in Q1 2008. From
    peak to trough in 2009, the economy shrank by 7.2%.
    GDP was 3.1% higher in Q2 2014 compared with the same quarter a year ago.
    The preliminary estimate of GDP is produced using the output approach to
    measuring GDP. At this stage, data content is less than half of the total
    required for the final output estimate. The estimate is subject to revision
    as more data become available, but these are typically small between the
    preliminary and third estimates of GDP. All figures in this release are
    seasonally adjusted.

  3. Falamu445

    Should world mourn or celebrate fall of Americans?

  4. Todd Lavigne

    It’s no doubt things are not looking good, but consumers have a choice not
    to buy products made in China, ect. but what do they do ?…keep buying
    Chinese goods.
    Who’s fault is that? People who have no skills and no profession, can’t
    get a job?
    Who’s fault is that? There is a difference from being down on your luck and
    needing help and not having prepared yourself for the world as it is today.
    Where does one draw the line? I’m not defending the 1%..I believe in having
    welfare for those who truly need it but we cannot support every victim of
    a rapidly changing economy.
    I’d like to know how much $ Alex Jones gives to charity and what his net
    worth is.
    He’s probably in the top 5 percentile. Alex Jones is all about opinion not

  5. Latitude North

    It’s all too easy for shills, denialists and trolls to dismiss and
    ridicule A.J as a nutcase or even as a disinfo-agent, but the fact remains
    that he’s probably correct on most issues. Esp. at around 30 min into this
    clip, he paints a fact-and observation based picture of what IS taking
    place, unfortunately…

  6. PJ B

    Find out more about the Luciferian Jesuits. They are the people behind the
    NWO. Its the Pope, the Beast of the bible, the AntiChrist that has been
    calling for a New World Order even before WWII. And this enslavement is on
    purpose. It’s a spiritual attack on Jesus Christ and Gods commandments. And
    they are behind the Great Deception Of the RCC and apostate Protestantism.
    By praying to a dead people (Mary & the Saints) they take you away from
    Christ, confession to a man priest takes you away from true forgiveness
    from sin in prayer to Christ, sprinkling of water on babies is not the
    right way to baptize people, worshipping on SUNday dedicated to Baal and
    not the Sat Sabbath of Yahweh. This is all done on purpose. They want you
    away from the saving grace of God, through Jesus Christ and to enslave us
    to worship Lucifer through Sunday false worship. Roman Catholicism is
    nothing more than Sun worship – Mythraism. And sadly, all the Protestant
    churches have embraced the AntiChrist, the Beast, the Pope! Check out the
    Great Deception John Triplett. These videos will not be up much longer on
    YouTube as the RCC takes control through the Jesuit church controlled
    ruling elite, politician puppets, and government zombie workers! Jesus
    Christ is our only hope!


  7. Fallenangel7443

    america is headed tords civil war its gona happan and no one can stop it

  8. Guy Harper

    Nonsense. Fear mongering from conspiracy theorists. Don’t waste your life
    listening to rubbish like this. 

  9. ZS6JMP

    You doom and gloom experts predict the ”end” about every month. Stop this
    fucking fear mongering. Yea its going to crash at some point. No one knows
    when. So stop wasting your time.

  10. Steven Soto

    every years is the end of the world or dollar collapse to you hippies

  11. beauwulff

    For the last 10 years I’ve been waiting for the imminent economic collapse.
    You wouldn’t believe the fortune in canned goods I’ve had to throw away.

  12. dominick virgilio


  13. Sinnie Lee

    This guy lost all his creditability by now. The end of the world
    (12-23-2013 I think) has been delayed.

  14. Sabrina Tom

    Do you want mankind to change for the better success of the worlds economy?

    We have to wake up if we as a race were to thrive & survive a while longer.

    Visit on google “TRUTH-C0NTEST” & click on (T H E present)

    An incredible free book that will work miraculous for yourself & the rest
    of the world.

  15. schmo7777

    I thought it was going to crash last month lol. Maybe next year but
    probably not. 

  16. bonerzslide

    He sounds like Wolfman Jack I wonder how many doobies he smoked to get that

  17. MrTjp420

    This Happen Dec 21 2012 Mother Fucker! your 2 years to late

  18. Mako prepper

    not saying it won’t happen, kinda hoping it will soon. but carl wolf is
    right peoples predictions are a crock of shit nobody knows but ‘the
    1%,illuminati, builderburgs, oboma, whoever is doing it are the ones and
    they are not going to tell some 14 year old dipshit on youtube.

  19. securitywallet

    The only thing everyone can do is just know all you can and enjoy what life
    they claim u have left .Pay your bills save something and I mean whatever
    it is that will make you feel safe and chill!!

  20. PJ B

    The real people behind all of this is the church – specifically the
    Jesuits. And remember the Pope is a Jesuit. This destruction of the
    Protestant North American middle class is on purpose. The church wants to
    reinstitute the inquisition. The New World Order is the vehicle that will
    do this. Only, the fool in his heart says that there is no God. What is
    crazy, is even Lucifer the fallen lying murdering angel believes there is a
    God! And there is a God. And His word is the KJV bible. And God warned us
    that the U.S. will give its image to the Beast – the Pope. The Sunday law
    will be enforced dedicated to Baal ie Lucifer, against Gods Sat Sabbath. If
    you honour the Beast by worshipping the Beast, you will take the Mark of
    the Beast and be lost forever!

  21. Mako prepper

    it’s correct but someone putting a date on it isn’t look at the videos one
    week and the next they’ve changed the date. see it all day long. there is
    only a few people who know when this is going to happen and im pretty sure
    they are not surfing youtube.

  22. Mako prepper

    fallenangel, lets pray it does.

  23. trainwreck1993

    I don’t give a shit ! I have my Cheeseburgers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Zhangy

    did you forecast the 2008 collapse? no? then stfu dumb retards haha

  25. Knotty Jae

    another nut job……

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