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Gerald Celente on King World News | Part 4/4

Gerald Celente is the Founder & Director of the Trends Research Institute. Gerald has been quoted and interviewed in media throughout the world such as, CNBC…
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16 Comments for “Gerald Celente on King World News | Part 4/4”

  1. Mitesh Damania

    Check out catherine austin fitts interview on askbutwhy blog

  2. largo2001

    huh? I think the water is already pouring in.

  3. Mike Turner

    @mykuloh I agree this man is the “governor of truth “and no punches pulled
    and reality in every word.

  4. gold spring

    lifeboats for goldman sachs bastards and ignorant fucks only!

  5. bklynsfynest2k3

    this man realizes there is no difference between republican or
    democrat….no difference between the mistakes of Bush, clinton, bush the
    second or obama….the rich run this country. if we spent more time pulling
    back the curtains on lies and stopped blaming or looking for heroes in
    either party we could go forward in this country. too bad we spend our time
    blaming obama or blaming bush or trying to justify either. we need to hold
    all parties accountable..dosent matter what party they are in.

  6. buzzz121

    We used to use the term “crumbum” growing up back in the Bronx. Thanks for
    the memory.

  7. anton newcombe

    gerald celente should have cooking show.

  8. emerson24

    It’s a shame that only 3219 people have only viewed this. I hear that if
    you make it a favorite, more people are exposed to it. Not sure though.
    Just word on the street :)

  9. milkywaycenter


  10. gold spring


  11. louis12346

    I want to find a job as Guitar Hero or Air Guitar .Oboba is in China he is
    going to buy us all tents to live in, made in China. OBAMAVILLE

  12. Carlos Rosario

    Jacque Fresco’s and Gerald Celente interview would be awesome.

  13. raiden241

    Give them their own medecin audit the federal reserve crooks!!!!

  14. mykuloh

    Celente! I am honored to hear your truth. Your reaserch, knowledge, and
    strait forwardness! TY!

  15. marie1w

    LMAO “White Shoe Boys Gang”

  16. Bill Kolts

    Believe me , don’t trust the number you see up there . Since Google took
    over YouTube , alot of ODD things have been happening . They lower the
    number so that when people are looking for info , they usually pass the
    less viewed videos and hit the most viewed ones . Besides , Celente is all
    over the internet and all you need to do is pass out his name to friends
    and have then place it in their search engines , like I was advised to do
    and i’m very happy I did . Good Luck .

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