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Desperate Boeung Kak Protesters Turn to the Spirit World (Cambodia news in Khmer)

With no result from a series of demonstrations urging the release of 15 women from the Boeung Kak community in Phnom Penh, distraught protesters turned to th…
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5 Comments for “Desperate Boeung Kak Protesters Turn to the Spirit World (Cambodia news in Khmer)”

  1. Snaehbongmouy

    this is a very sad situation!

  2. maaronee1

    Please help our people and be kind to your own citizens that make u a
    better leaders…brutality is not the way to defined peace. God given you
    power to help to help others not to abuse others.Peace Khmer.

  3. SithSereyPheap1

    Many have sinned against Jesus,but he forgave you all because you knew not
    what you’re doing.Jesus Christ is true grace !!!

  4. SithSereyPheap1

    They’re mad at hun sen but the poor chickens end up on the platter,being
    slaughterd,roasted, steamed and toasted.Where is chicken’s rights ? and
    animal rights ? ;))))))

  5. SithSereyPheap1

    Go ahead and praise the spirit.Jesus is listening and he’s wondering wether
    he should save wretches like you.I dont know maybe he’ll send Hilary
    Clinton over to smooth things out.But keep praying,the almighty is
    listening !! ;))))))

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