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World News In 60 Seconds 204

WORDS: New Mexico plots charges against feds in land fight while 7 were killed by roadside bombs near pipeline in Iraq Kerry says Obama will go down in histo…

This is an intermediate level listening class where we will be hearing a news clip about a current world issue or event. Students will have the opportunity to listen to what is being reported,…
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20 Comments for “World News In 60 Seconds 204”

  1. Margo Singery

    Awesome job!!

  2. M J Katz

    Great job! Didn’t know about Japan… You’ve got to do this more often!

  3. aardwolfx

    Sweet, all I needed to know. Thanks man :) You should do a collaboration
    with The Juice Media Rap News.

  4. Miguel Pedras

    I love your work, peace bro.

  5. Lorraine Keegan

    Excellent!!!….I love how you do that!!!…..:)

  6. Rich Bigdaddy

    and remains the undisputed champion auctioneer newscastor!

  7. chrispointer123


  8. haloscorp

    Fist bump hello.

  9. TeamJESUS

    CDC was on fire with this one! He straight GASED on the NWO in 59sec

  10. shonjuan11

    “..and I’m ou-

  11. Louloe

    World News In 60 Seconds 204

  12. TheGuidoCongetti

    lol thx

  13. Marble Legends-Masters of Marble Arena Play

    You are medicine for the bad man! I love it!

  14. Rj H

    Awesome. My brother from some otha motha. 

  15. realisrealizerealies


  16. winterweather0091

    World News In 60 Seconds 204:

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