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BBC World News – William Dalrymple speaks out on the controversy over “The Hindus”

Author and Historian William Dalrymple is a co-founder of the Jaipur Literary Festival. In an Interview on the “Impact” programme with Lucy Hockings, he spok…
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The BBC World News Debate on the motion: Free market economy has failed the former Soviet states was organized by the Foundation for Effective Governance in …

15 Comments for “BBC World News – William Dalrymple speaks out on the controversy over “The Hindus””

  1. Galavya41

    How come Doniger’s book can be taken as ‘ religious freedom’ ? I guess the
    news anchor herself does not know what religious freedom means. Religious
    Freedom means that one is free to practice the religion of his/her choice
    but that choice does not grant the authority to libel somebody else
    religion. The book was deliberately misleading and openly insulting to
    Hinduism . Its not just this book any book that misrepresents and in the
    process misinforms its reader about any subject should be stopped …We
    should understand that Freedom of speech does not include freedom to

  2. Ashish Bagade

    Indian government did the right thing…..SHE TRIED TO ALTER HISTORY BY
    ONLY…..WHEN IN FACT THERE WERE 1000000 PEOPLE THERE….deliberately
    trying to downsize the civilizational claims of INDIA….what do u think we
    dont understand this shit from u west….ALSO IN SOME TEXT SHE MENTIONS

  3. Prashant Kumar Jha

    what a shame. Social media is actually in favor of Dr Batra. Shame on
    journalist. She has no fucking idea about reality.

  4. Gaurav Lath

    As usual BBC’s biased take n superficial half-truth view n not viewing the
    legitimate points for which the book was sued upon!

  5. drgmbhatia

    Wendy has wasted her life by her superfluous study of Hinduism & not
    studying the impact of history on Hinduism. Indeed she has cheated the
    world by pretending to be a scholar on Hinduism. Between 4th to 7th century
    India had adopted Budhism. Then Persia was overran by militant Islam which
    also captured western Afghanistan (then part of India & called Avagana).
    At that time, Hinduism was revived with its class-code with the warrior
    class of Kshtriyas who were duty bound by religious edict to face enemy
    from the front & save society. There was Islamic onslaught on India for
    over 11 centuries & this class system got firmly established as warrior
    class constantly needed supply-chain & services from barbers,cobblers cooks
    to blacksmiths and many of these occupations became hereditary. The class
    system slowly got converted into hereditary caste system but it was this
    system which saved India while countries like Indonesia, Malaysia & central
    Asian states were completely Islamised. Rajputs (Kshtriyas) who faced
    maximum onslaught had from time to time inducted Gujjars & Jats (Shepherds
    & Farmers) into the fighting class which proves that the caste system was
    not hereditary. Christianity had the luxury of hundreds of years to reform
    while Hinduism has got breathing space only recently. The world will
    witness full glory of Hinduism in this century. 

  6. sadas

    May be i should read Mainkempf book now, Did wendy read it 

  7. sid elf

    if I write wrong about Jesus and Mohamad in UK will you let me publish my
    book on the RIGHT OF FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION? its stupid and one sided

  8. Sunil Pradhan

    Just curious,Few yrs back British prince had to apologize because he was in
    Nazi uniform, wasn’t it an assault on freedom of expression?

  9. Doglyvich

    nice bit of bass

  10. trev moffatt

    Typical – quoting the Baltic States. Size matters. The Baltic States are
    tiny so hence their infrastructure can run on relatively low tax-takes.
    Also capital as with property is about location, location, location. The
    countries closer to Germany and Scandinavia where bound to do better.
    Moreover, the Baltic States and the Czech Republic where already some of
    the most developed regions of the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact.

  11. trev moffatt

    When this joker was 20 – Gorbachev was in power. Gorbachev’s reforms made
    shortages worse.

  12. TheCossackmate

    France and Germany don’t want Ukraine in the European Union because they
    know that Ukraine is a sleepy giant. Wake up Ukrainians!

  13. trev moffatt

    Growth rates and poverty rates usually go hand in hand.

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