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1-20-93 WORLD NEWS TONIGHT Death of Audrey Hepburn

Audrey Hepburn’s death from January 20th 1993.
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25 Comments for “1-20-93 WORLD NEWS TONIGHT Death of Audrey Hepburn”

  1. Potter Latina

    I was 3 years old when she died :(

  2. Randy Hansen

    Do you suppose Audrey supported Bill Clinton? The world truly wept for
    her, not only as one of the most elegant actresses of all time, but one the
    foremost humanitarians as well. 

  3. Angelica Bcruz

    Such an amazing beautiful actresses. R.I.P Audrey Hepburn. Love all the
    movies she did.

  4. Keylen DeSantos

    I was two…darn.

  5. unhacked1explorser

    This is such a sad event. It is one of the saddest things in my life that I
    have never met such a wonderful person. Only can I read about her and books
    and such to learn about her many deeds… such a wonderful person… RIP
    Audrey Hepburn…

  6. Sandypants124

    Such a beautiful soul, wish i met her :(

  7. Sitizen Kane

    I thought she died of Pancreatic Cancer?

  8. hisHORRORcupcake

    I was actually really upset watching that. :/ Even though she’s dead, she’s
    still such an inspiration….

  9. KTNjade

    wish i was born earlier

  10. Aless Iava

    She is the epitome of class. I love this woman.

  11. Emily New

    @NinjaPhil229 Umm, why won’t it let me like this more than once?!?!?! I was
    born the day after Audrey died, and I’ll regret that for the rest of my

  12. KeybladePirate

    @churosortega Damn, never thought of Emma Watson! I think she has the
    fashion icon thing happening for her too now. Katherine Heigl, i am not so
    sure. I myself thought of Portman too but as awesome as she is i don’t
    think she’ll ever manage to reach iconic status like Audrey did. Probably
    as there is no justice in this world and the majority don’t appreciate a
    good female actor when they see one.

  13. Jess Porter

    It’s sad that this video is about Audrey’s death from cancer, yet the news
    reporter, Peter Jennings also died from (lung) cancer. Cancer DOES suck. :(

  14. CrunchyTunaRoll

    @cicjose Maybe they’re disliking the fact that she died? Other than that,
    there’s no other reason.

  15. TheyanLock91

    Oh the feels.

  16. Luke Flint

    What a beautiful lady and soul.

  17. jamie powles

    dahm i loved Audrey Hepburn in breakfast in tiffanys

  18. Lina Chapardie

    What an actress….What a woman!! We love you Audrey Hepburn!

  19. pellebravesskylar

    Bill gets sworn in – significant – but nowhere as important as the sad news
    my beloved Audrey died.

  20. tracy sharp

    God put a angel on this earth. We miss you Ms Hepburn rip <3

  21. pufflefood11

    No, that was the stupidest thing to ever say.

  22. enis_c

    thanks for existing

  23. Sunny93


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